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Ultimate Real Estate Coaching is for real estate owners, managers and agents who are looking to redefine, manage and achieve their business and personal goals.

Our vision is to work with and coach motivated and progressive leaders and sales agents so they can achieve brilliant results for themselves, their clients and their families.

We deliver this by offering an impressive range of coaching solutions for the different levels within the real estate profession.

To help you achieve your goals we’ve developed a special report called ”Supercharging Your Results” by Michael Sheargold, which you can download NOW absolutely FREE of charge!

Michael Sheargold is the CEO and Head Coach of Ultimate Real Estate Coaching.  Michael works with organisations looking to maximise their competitive advantage and grow a professional and substantial business structure. If you've worked with Michael Sheargold in either a workshop or conference you'd know how his interactive style challenges and inspires you to take action! Over the last 21 years Michael has conducted over 6,000 coaching sessions - 4000 of those sessions being in real estate – making him one of the most experienced coaches in the world today. 

In today’s hectic environment it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know the most effective way to develop your business and your people. Equally challenging is knowing who to turn to for the right coaching, advice and support. When you meet Michael, you’ll realise his unique ability to understand your needs then filter through his wealth of knowledge to present an effective solution to support you. You’ll also discover how he takes complex business strategies and turns them into easily understood models and metaphors that can be readily applied. 

If you’re committed to going places and would like to speak with one of our coaching team, lets get started on making this year your best in real estate to date!

Contact us directly for a confidential coaching assessment to identify where you’re at and which coaching program will achieve your desired outcomes.

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